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First shed hunting trip of 2013

Arlan and I made it out Saturday to look for some deer sheds and ended up finding few elk sheds in the process. We had a great day and put on a "LOT" of miles while also learning some (not so much new), but country we just had not ventured into.

I found the first shed of the day, very old, but a start.

The second I found also.....

Then we started up into some very steep and nasty country. We were not finding anything but some old elk sign and just a couple deer tracks. When we got up under the rim we ate lunch and were just lookig around when Arlan spotted a very cool, somewhat small, sagebrush flat hidden on a small bench down underneath us. Here is the look from where we ate lunch.

When we got down to where we were about 200 yards from the sagebrush flat Arlan ran into this....

Then we started across the flat and Arlan spotted this one...

There were alk rubs all over this area and I found a broken part of an elk antler.

By this time it was about 2:30 and we had a long way to go to get back to the truck and we kept heading down. Here is a nice pic of Arlan and old Bear....

And another from one of the lower benches but still a long ways to go to get to the bottom.

When we got to the bottom of a very steep canyon Arlan came upon this.

I had seen others finds, but I had never seen it before. The buck had shed and then died in the same spot.

After that we climbed out of that canyon we flattened out on some high mesas and headed for the truck. As we were walking and crossing small draws we were seeing and pushing out lots of deer. We were about 2 miles from the truck and moving fast when I fcame acroos the last sheds of the day. A nice little set laying about three feet from esch other.

What a beautiful day out in the outdoors with my son !   Thumbs up

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What a day! That makes me

What a day! That makes me want to get out and look too.

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That's really neat Quinton.

That's really neat Quinton. You wonder if he did shed then die, or did he die in the winter from exposure/starvaton, and he was close enough to shedding that they just fell off shortly after death.

Nice finds!

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Congrats, it looks like you had a good day, in some pretty country.


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Great pics and story - thanks

Great pics and story - thanks for sharing with us!  Makes me want to get out there now.

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Those are some nice looking

Those are some nice looking sheds that you are finding.  You would think that you should have those areas picked pretty clean by now. 

It would be interesting in taking a hike for a few days into the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness area that is blocked off now to see what is down there.  I know that when you could drive into it there were some giant bucks in there. 

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Good stuff

I recognize that ridge there ( I think) and had been meaning to do something similar for myself in nearby country.

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Nice finds

I am jealous, sure wish I lived a little closer to Clorado to be able to be out doing that. Hey Exbiologist could you send me a pm I have a question for you.

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Thanks all !

Thanks so much for the great comments ! It really was a wonderful day ! Thumbs up


You could be absolutely correct ! From what I know about the process of sheding is they get quite sick after they shed, so it is hard to say. Yes


I have been planning a backpack trip with my boys to get back in 28 Hole for some time. The absolute biggest typical buck I have ever seen was back in that country when we use to trap back in there in the 80's. It just makes me sick that I have not went back in there sooner ! Laugh The last time I was just partly in there was in 1997 on a day trip looking for a big buck.


PM me with where you think it is ! Evil! It is in the same area I have been deer hunting the last several years. The third picture I took of the senery (with noone in the pic) should be easy, but there are very few people that have seen it from where I took the pic.


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