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First Season Success Story

Once again I am back from another successfull first season. Got up to my camp at around 9am North of Steamboat Springs Colorado from Denver. This year I was guiding my son, ex-girlfriend, and a buddy who has never been big game hunting. They all had drawn either sex tags. After setting up camp I wanted to make sure his gun was dialed in. So I took him down the mountain and I put a target up at 200yards. I had him put a couple rounds down range. His gun was good so we headed back to camp to grab the shotguns and head out to look for some grouse and do a little scouting. We found a few grouse and we managed to make it to my favorite spot. After parking the four wheelers we started to hike down to my honey hole. Half way down I heard a distant buggle. So I called back. That's when a big bull let out a huge scream. It was close. So we snuck down to my rock about 400 yards and peeked over the edge. 300 yards away was a monster 6x6 with 20 cows. We filmed them and took some photos. The bull keeped bugling and working himself up. I never did call to him again but 4 other bulls found pleasure in working him over. It was good to see all these animals the night before opening day. The next morning we found a few inches of snow and plenty of fog to make the day a waste even though we went back to my spot. Sunday morning we found the same conditions as Saturday but the forcast said clear skys by afternoon. So at 3pm we headed back to the top of the mountain we parked the four wheelers and started hiking down the hill. I spotted a large herd with two big bulls feeding 800 yards away. I had my buddy and my son with me so I let them know we were going to sneak down as close as we could and see what we could take. Well at around 500 yards the cows seamed to herd up but never moved they just got really close to one another. The two bulls were still feeding about 30 yards from the cows. At 375 yards I couldn't see the cows anymore (not sure if they moved down the hill out of view or took off)but I was still able to see a nice 5x5 feeding away from us. The wind was in our favor and we started to move slower and try and get closer. But all of a sudden the elk picked his head up and looked right at us. I told the guys that this was as far as we were gonna get and they needed to get ready to fire. My son was gonna take the first shot with my buddy being back up. Well when they both fired almost at the same time. I watched both rounds hit at the feet of the elk. They both missed. Huh? The elk took off along with the other bull that was out of view. We hiked down to make sure of a clean miss and seen the bulls run North as the Cows tracks went South. Monday morning we were up at 5am and on top of the mountain making our way to our spots by 6:20am I took my son and ex-girlfriend. My buddy I sent down to where the elk were feeding as it was a nice clearing with bedding area to one side and a nice slope with aspen trees to the other. At 7:15am I hear my buddy fire off one round. I send him a text message after I see him walking all over the area he was sitting on. He tells me he missed a big bull at 40yards. I tex him back what happen? He sends back a message that a bull was looking straight at him and it filled his scope. I tex back " No you didn't miss then" He fallows the tracks for 50 yards and sends me a tex with a pic. "Found him 5x5" We head over and when I get to him I see its a small 6x6. I quarter him up and we get him off the hill. That night we ride down the mountain and watch the broncos getting hammered in the first half at a bar. So we ride back up to camp and my buddy turns his phone on to finish watching the game. He tells me they are winning and we watch the last 4 mins on his phone. In the morning I ask my son and ex what they want to do. They tell me they are exhausted and that they have had a wonderful time but are fine if we want to pull out. So we pack up camp and drive off the mountain. On our way out my son spots another grouse and so we put a little more meat on the truck. Another great year. My buddy did a fantastic job with helping get camp up and down. He hiked his ass off and he was very successfull for his first time out. My son continues to impress me with his hunting skills and his attitude that its about the time we spend together and not just about the kills. My ex did an awesome job with the cooking and camp and didn't seem to bothered by the cold this year but she still needs to find better boots as once again the boots we got her gave her blisters and didn't do the best with the snow. But she didn't complain to bad with it all. I am already counting the days until next year. Here are some photos of our time.

IMG_4551.JPG1.08 MB
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Great story.  Congrats on

Great story.  Congrats on your harvest!!!  Thumbs up

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Great looking bull! Sounds

Great looking bull! Sounds like a fun time was had by all! Congrats!

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Congrats on a great harvest!

Congrats on a great harvest! And thanks for sharing your story and pics! Thumbs up

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Great story!  Thanks for

Great story!  Thanks for letting us enjoy it too.  Congrats on a great hunt too.

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Congrats on a great bull ! Thumbs up Thanks for sharing the great story and pics !

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Good looking bull,great

Good looking bull,great photos and nice story. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on a good hunt.

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nice job congrats!

nice job congrats!

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Congrats! and thanks

Thanks for sharing the story and the pics! Congrats!

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