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First season opening morning bull down!

We arrived to our area the afternoon before the opener, and took a little drive to the area we would be hunting to get in a little scouting before the season started. now I wish I could say we located the elk and knew exactly where we would spend the morning but that was not the case all that was spotted on this trip was a small buck all by himself. On the way back to "camp" aka the hotel, we started to second guess the spot and were considering spending the first day somewhere else. there where three of us myself, my dad, and my youngest brother of which he had the only tag on this trip. My dad and I left it up to him to decide where to hunt, and he decided to return to that area which paid off!

So we arrive before the sun came up, got to a spot where we could glass when the sun came up and saw absolutely nothing! We made the decision to move further into our area where we took a little stroll, my brother was leading the way when he stops and says theres an elk and I right away put the binos to my eyes and spot it and see antlers! The wind was perfect the cover was great the only problem was he didnt have a shot, we took a couple steps toward the bull and he fed out from behind the tree that was blocking him, I ranged him real quick 167yds chris (brother) got ready for the shot and booom the bull lunged forward from a solid hit took a step or two forward and fell right there! This is his first bull and not a bad one at that. Good thing he decided to go back to that spot!

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one Pueblo boy to another congrats on a beauty of first bull. Your bro did great. Congrats to you and your dad as well for being great guides.

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Congrats on a mighty fine

Congrats on a mighty fine first Bull!!! Thumbs up

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Boy, that's a pretty bull! 

Boy, that's a pretty bull!  Really like it! Congrats to your brother!!! Thumbs up

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thanks guys it was a blast we

thanks guys it was a blast we have it on video but im not sure how it came out if it is good ill post it!
Hopefully we ride this into second season chris has a buck tag and I have a cow!

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Nice bull


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Congrats on a great first bull ! Thumbs up

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Nice Bull!!!! You SoCO guys are killing me!!!! Big smile

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congtats!!! He should be

congtats!!! He should be great eating & good luck on the next hunt.

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Thanks for sharing a great

Thanks for sharing a great story and congrats on a great hunt.  What a great way to start out your hunting seasons!  Good luck on the next hunts too.

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