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First Scouting Trip of the Year Planned

It has been so wet here in Utah that the snow has been slower to melt then usual but I finally was able to plan my first scouting trip of the year for next weekend and I am all jacked up about it. I even started having dreams about it last night where I was packing my gear and could not find where I put my Mountain House dinners. Although the hunting season is relatively short, the months leading up to it are really fun and make waiting a little easier. With the wet spring weather also comes better vegitation which in turn equals better antler size. We are going to try a new area this year and so we are going to go on a three day, backcountry hike in order to cover as much ground as possible and get as far off the road as we can. I got a new tent that weighs in at 3.5 lbs and a sleeping bag that weighs in at 3.5 lbs and is rated at zero degrees and I am really excited to get them out in the field to give them a try. I also talked my wife into letting me buy some really expensive boots as an early Father's Day gift and I want to get them out too. Last year when we scouted we saw a ton of elk but it was in a limited entry unit. I hope that this year we are able to find a good number. If I find some and we get close enough I will take some pics and video.