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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

I was in the same situation a couple years back... Ended up going with the .308 I love the cailber for so many reasons.

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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

I actually agree with Kshunter on this one. The .308 is perfect for the hunting she'll be doing. I've had my wife shoot my .243, 30-30, 30-06 and my .308 and she prefers the .308 over them all, as do I.

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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

If your still watching this thread.
Have her look at the Browning BLR in 308 winchester.

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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

since it is for a lady and her first gun ans she isnt used to them i think i would have to go with a bolt action 22-250 so it doesnt sour her on rifles still a hig power rifle without the kick most of the others have

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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

You may also want to consideer the 260 remington. I own two of them and like them much better than the 270. Less recoil and just as good out to 300 yards. The 6.5 or 264 bullet is hard to beat. The 260's ballistic twin the 6.5 swiss has been used on everything from moose to muskrats. The little .264 has an excellent Ballistic coef. rate that makes it perform well beyond its size. Just a thought. Ruger and remington both chamber it. I owne both and prefer the Ruger for the money. Yes Yes Yes

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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

I think that she would do well with the 7-08 or a .243 with the 7-08 being my first choice. You can readily find either of that ammo. If your price range is under $500 I would take a serious look at the Stevens rifles put out by Savage or one of the Savage package guns. The glass isn't great and you may want to replace it later, but you can get out in the field for less than $500. The Remington SPS models are around $500 without glass. Either that or consider buying a used gun. That way if she doesn't like the caliber you don't have a lot of money in it.

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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

naturally the .270 is an option, ammo is easy to find, but recoil is more than a .243. i recommend a 25-06 or .257 roberts they are awesome deer rifles, with noticably less recoil than the .270.

for my own girlfriend who is of the same age, and a medium frame (140 lbs) she handles my weatherby 30-06 almost as well as i do. and even gets excited about my single action .41 rem mag. it's more about her own capabilities and comfort than recoil. but consider this: is she is flinching at the shot with a shotgun, you probably won't notice to much, but with a rifle, she won't hit anything at all. the only good way to do it, is to take her to the store and make her pick, she'll have to live with what she picks, which won't be a bad thing if you educate her about the choices.

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First rifle for girlfriend

Have you looked at a Marlin 336 in .35 Remington? You can use a 200 grain Leverevolution round. I have one and everyone in the family likes it. Great bear / deer rifle.

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Go with the .270 win . Excellent rifle. I have had a Savage .270 for about 4 years now, and it will take down any big game on the face of North America. With the right scope it is accurate for at least 300+ yards. Not only me, but my dad and even my grandfather always have hunted with a .270 win.

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First rifle for my girlfriend (suggestions)

I think a 30-30 would be an excellent choice. Marlin at one time made an extended barrel version, which is much more accurate and gives more distance. I have made shots at 150 yards with mine, but would not want to venture must past that.

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