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First reloading press?

Oh per session? Of course. I used to load 50 rounds per session too, but have gotten a bit lazy. Last couple years I've taken to just loading 20 round batches per session. Good choice going with RCBS press. For sure get a good case trimmer and calipers. Another thing I like to use is a powder trickler. It come in handy for rifle rounds. I'm real particular about my rifle rounds and like each charge to be as consistant as I can get it. Plus the fact that I use stick powders and a cheap Lee power hopper and stick powder just doesn't throw as well in most hopper anyway. Since I've long ago discarded everything else that came in my Lee Kit I will be getting an RCBS power measure at some point. It's only taken me 15 years Brick Wall,)

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First reloading press?

RCBS rockchuck press. that is the best in my opinion.

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First reloading press?

If it's per session I'd go rockchucker too. I use the thing and it's been a good press.

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First reloading press?

Thanks Everybody.......
I bought a Rock Chucker Supreme Starter Kit last night.
It came with a speer 14th edition manual and for the moment I want to load Accubonds so I'll need to add a Nosler reloading manual. I'll probably make a trip up to Cabela's in Post Falls this weekend to pick up the other components. They should have everything else I need.
Wahoo!!! a trip to the big city.

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First reloading press?

A Nosler manual is a good idea, but they also have reloading information online at their website.

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True Cost

I am new to the reloading arena and wanted to find out what the true costs are to a beginner. I know the cost of manufactured ammo is going thru the roof and was toying with the idea of doing my own reloading. Can someone send me some websites to check out? And recommendations for the type of budget I will need to get started. I am close of a Sportman's Warehouse but wanted to get some advice from the users group like you. I am a firm believer of quality over quantity.


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First reloading press?

As a general rule, you can reload using the best of components for about half the price of factory ammo. Check out shooting clubs in your area and see if anyone is getting out of reloading and selling off their gear. You can save a bundle Thumbs up

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First reloading press?


The cost depends on how you want to look at it. If you don't count the tools (press, dies, trimmers, calipers, manuals, etc) then the cost is significantly lower than factory ammo since all you will have to buy are the components (brass- unless you have enough used brass to start with, bullets, powder and primers) and brass is forgiving as you can use it multiple times.

If you do count in the costs of the tools then the savings is not nearly as much to start with. Most items you'll only have to buy once so the more you use them the more they can offset their expense.

The biggest advantage to handloading is that you will be able to make ammo that your gun likes the best rather than having to buy whatever the store has at the time.

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First reloading press?

RCBS Rockchucker and related accoutrements + at least two reloading manuals. I have six manuals and use all of them when developing a load.

Good luck!

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First reloading press?

I like the rockchucker ALOT, its tough and precise. I also like the Hornandy especially with thier free bullet deal they have going on. I shoot alot of rounds so am upgrading from a single stage to a progressive and JUST as i was about to pull the trigger after alot of research on the honandy here i find a dillon 550b for 350$
decisions decisions... Brick Wall,)

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