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First recurve

This is kind of a test to see how many traditional archers are still here. This section of the forum seems a little scarce.

I got a new Recurve less then a year ago. It's a Bear 55lb from Cabelas. It has a real nice formed grip carved into the wood that puts the bow in a perfect position in relation to my holding arm and line of sight. I don't know all the technical terms, I just know I'm a lot more accurate with this then my long bow Big smile . I've shot compounds too and I find my recurve a lot easier to shoot then the compounds. A lot more accurate is a relative term, I'm now able to shoot the broad side of a barn from OUTSIDE the barn. lol

What exercises do you use to improve your accuracy? I've been trying to locate a good point of reference to use on the bow, something I can use almost like range marks in a scope but I'm having a hard time finding anything stable enough. Any suggestions to help me out.


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Re: First recurve

I am totally an instinctive shooter, that is I look at what I want to hit, not at where the arrow is in relation to the target.
I developed my accuracy in the following manner: Stand at the target. Start to walk away and nock an arrow at the same time. When the arrow is nocked, turn and shoot at the bullseye. Turn back and repeat as you get farther away until you get out to 30-40 yards or run out of arrows. The more you do this, the more accurate you become and you do not have to worry about the exact distance to the target. If I miss at any distance, I take a second shot at that distance or begin again at the target. This technique works for me and is fun to do. Give it a try.

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