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First new rifle


Last fall I was looking for a new rifle for elk, deer and black bear in Washington. I shoot south paw. I wanted something short, light and fast and it had to be a bolt. When I stared my search I was looking at 308win. What I ended up buying was a 300wsm.

I reload so I haven't had any problems with ammo other than working up loads, which is going very well.
I have breafly looked at factory ammo and there seems to be a good assortment of loads, I'm sure there will be many more in the near future. The factory ammo I looked at was costing in the $35 to $40 range. It's an amazing round. I load for hunting so when I reach a velocity that is sufficient for the need I stop there. I have pushed a few over the manuals and there were sign of high pressure.

The recoil feels the same as a 30-06 loaded heavy, but not as much as a 300win mag. The reloads that were toward the minimum charge didn't feel any worse than a 308win. in a standard weight rifle.

The accuracy I'm getting is under 1"moa on an average. There were 2 rounds I tried that were as much as 2".

I like the way the rifle shoots and I'm glad I went with the 300wsm. Very nice round.

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