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First muzzleloader elk

This was my first muzzleloader elk! I shot her at 30 yds with a 295 grain powerbelt using my CVA wolf. I shot her in Grand County opening day of muzzleloader season.

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Congrats, you now have some

Congrats, you now have some nice meat for the winter.

It is always nice to get that first one down with a new weapon.

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Congrats on a beautiful cow ! Great job on getting close and closing the deal ! Quinton

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nice! congratulations!!

nice! congratulations!!

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1st elk/muzzleloader

Awesome job young man. Can you tell us a little of the story. She looks nice and healthy!!

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Very nice! Congrats!!!!

Very nice! Congrats!!!!

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Congrats on your elk. Very

Congrats on your elk. Very nice!!!

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Great Job!!

Tell us a little more about the experience.

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Good job and congrats. That should put some great meat on the table.

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The story

This was my first year with a muzzleloader but I also have bowhunted the last 2 years. Anyway my dad had a bow and i had the muzzleloader and as soon as we got up in the morning we could here the elk bugling on the mountain above us. We split up, I went up one side and my dad the other. I hiked probably half a mile to where my dad and I had scouted out a wallow. I sat on a log over looking it and about 10 min later I spotted a bull making his way up about 70 yds away. Being in the really thick dead lodge pole pines I couldn't get a shot (I had an E/S tag). He didnt want to come into the wallow so i cow called. He stood there for a minute but definitley was showing more interest in the bull bugling above us and went up the mountain. My dad was now above me on the mountain and all of a sudden a bugle rang out in between us. I snuck up about 30 yds above the wallow waiting for the elk to come down. I sat on a log and waited. About 30 min later the bull bugled and was really close. Then the cow came right in at 30 yds heading right towards me. I took the shot knowing that it was a great opportunity. She dropped and now i have elk steaks for the rest of the year!

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Great exciting action. Congrats on a fine job of putting meat on the table!

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