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First Moose Hunt - Wyoming

Well after 12 years applying, I am going on my first and probably only moose hunt in my life.  Unit 20 Wyoming.  Got an archery elk hunt first in northern New Mexico, then will work a week from our Denver office and start the moose hunt when it's colder, early October.  Nice to have some flexibility.  I'm kind of excited to see my first moose rut action.  It will be a new experience.

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CONGRATULATIONS on drawing your Wyoming moose tag!

Zim: First CONGRATULATIONS on drawing your Wyoming moose tag! Moose tags in the lower forty eight states are as rare as hen’s teeth. It sounds like you have a great season lined up! My advice to you is to hunt every minute of every day that it is legal for you to do so. Because exactly as you said – you may not get another chance so make the most of it. You should also really think hard about whether you should take the first legal moose that you see. It is an individual decision – there’s not a right decision or a wrong decision – but you want to have your mind made up long before the time comes. You need to decide ahead of time if you are going to take a cow, or a small bull if they are legal for you when one shows up. You might only get one chance! And it might only be a few seconds of opportunity to take the shot or let it pass. I first hunted moose with a bull only option in the interior of Alaska and in an area where I needed a big rack to be legal. I saw cows and calves every day of that hunt but never did see a legal bull moose on that trip. I had to wait a long ten years for my next moose hunt which like your tag was in the lower forty eight on a limited draw application. In my case it was in the state of Vermont and that time I drew a tag for ‘any moose’ After two long days of hunting dawn to dark without seeing a moose of any kind, I was absolutely delighted to take my bull on day three of the hunt. He just happened to be the first moose that we saw. My last piece of advice is to be selfish. Moose are big, but they are DELICIOUS! If you get one fight against the urge to give a lot away – when the freezer gets empty again – you’ll wish that you had kept more moose steaks for yourself!  Welcome to biggamehunt.net If you take the time to look around this site you will find a wealth of moose hunting advice and information and based on my limited experience, I don’t think that any of it is bad advice at all. So look around, read up – ask questions and then stop back after your hunt to share the story and the photographs of your moose with us! Mike

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Very nice!  Congrats on being

Very nice!  Congrats on being one of the lucky ones to draw a moose tag, in any state!!!!

Combine that with your New Mexico elk hunt, and you should have a heck of a fall!

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First of all, congratulations on drawing that coveted tag.  I have applied more times than I want to count and have NEVER been drawn.  Ditto for buffalo, sheep and a few other highly prized animals.

You will have a wonderful time on your moose hunt.  I don't know much about calling them in while in the rut, but I've heard it's a lot of fun.  I have heard a few moose calls so know basically what they sound like.

I got to go on my first moose hunt a number of years ago in Alaska, where all you have to do is pay out-of-state license and tags.  I was extremely fortunate in having someone up there that owned a remote cabin and equipment.  Couple that with his vast knowledge of the area and how to hunt moose and I was one lucky dude.  I actually went back up one other time but we didn't do as well.  One of these days, I'll post my first moose story and it will blow you away.

They are one BIG animal.  When you walk up on one lying dead, it looks more like a black bus than an animal.  They are huge!  How do you field dress something that big?  Much like a buffalo I might add. 

And they are not afraid of you like deer and elk.  I followed one on a deer hunt in Utah one time for about 300 yards.  I would walk up to within 30 yards or so and he'd meander away, pretty much unconcerned.  I'd follow and we'd do the same thing again.  He never did run and I never pushed my luck.  He was a little 30 inch bull and it was deer season.  Can you imagine how good he would have been to eat?

Again, congratulations on drawing such a fantastic hunt and good luck!


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Good Job on getting the Moose

Good Job on getting the Moose tag.  That was the hard part.  and then to get a elk tag in my home state of New Mexico.  You are a lucky hunter this year.  best of luck on both hunts and we want pictures later.

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Congrats on the tag and the hunt of a lifetime! I hope you nail a good'un.

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I plan to hold out for a mature bull moose on that hunt.  I have lots of vacation saved so I can extend the trip if necessary.  However, I will take anything the last couple days because I want my moose meat.

The New Mexico elk trip is more of a fun hunt with a buddy.  I already have 3 bulls on the wall and 45 is not a trophy unit.  We'll be backpacking in 4 miles.


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good luck on that hunt bud! i

good luck on that hunt bud!

i had a lot of luck seeing bulls when i was staying around pahaska teepee, wy. i don't know what unit that is, but that area is all national forest, and in the low lying timbered areas, you'll find the bulls during the rut. unfortunately, i don't know how effective spot and stalk will be since the moose like the timber and you may have to cross lots of ridges to get into different drainages with water and timber.

my advice is to call a game warden or biologist and ask about what drainages have been holding the best numbers of moose.