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I have never been elk hunting but each year i look into it more and more. Where would you guy suggest i go for a DIY over the counter tag? Public land would be the key state wouldnt really matter would rather not go all the way to idaho or utah. I know i will never get a resident tag in MN plus they cost as much as most out of state tags. Thanks

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CO. over the counter, get a cow tag.You will not regret it.[/b]

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id try to get both or an either tag

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I, too, recommend getting a cow permit or hunting either sex opportunities, if possible. Now, if you're an accomplished big game hunter going for a grand slam, that's different. But if you want to learn to hunt elk, those cows will teach you a thing or two, even if you're not hunting them! Quite often they get in the way of the bulls, or should I say, the bulls use them as shields. It's an accomplishment to kill any elk on public land. If you are an archery hunter, though, don't limit yourself to cows. Most of the time it's easier to get close to bulls during the rut.

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The easiest permit to draw is one of Colorado's cow permits, but the either sex tag gives you the best opportunity. I'd recommend first season in Colorado, as the tags are limited, but easy to draw, plus there's no deer hunters and no over the counter tags. And the elk are up high on the mostly public National Forest lands. There are several units in Colorado that have success rates in the 30-40% range that may give you a good taste of elk hunting. Don't excpect "magazine cover" bulls in those units, but it's a lot of fun. With few exceptions, you will still see other hunters, but there just trying to get into the elk like you. Oftentimes that can be used to your advantage.

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