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First hunt

At the time it was the only thing on my mind. The day befor deer huntng season 1987. What would be my first year of hunting. I was so excited, I had seen my dad get ready for opening day many years in a row and now it was my turn. The moment I was waiting for, get out of school, hang out with my dad and get me a doe. Just like that I came down with the flu. Yes the flu, I could not believe it. All the wait and I was enjoying the comforts of my bed and a bucket. Well the good news is that I got to go out the next day. We headed out late and started walking about noon. It took me about ten minutes and I had one down my first deer. My dad and I were very excited. I remember my dad turning to me and asking me if I was all right. He knew the answer befor I opened my mouth. A few days later my dad got his buck. I would go on the next two years to miss deer a total of twentyseven times and not get another deer untill 1990.


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