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First Gun Suggestions please

I'm new to hunting, not new to the great outdoors, I love fresh water fishing but never got around to hunting.

Hunting is one of those things I wished I'd done but never got around to it, so this is a kind of Bucket List thing for me. I'm not getting any younger.

I guess one reason I never got into hunting as a young man is because I got shot accidentally, by my best friend, it was an accident (a 22 cal pistol we were playing with went off and hit me in the thigh)

So... what should I get as a first gun?

While stationed in Africa (my family was in the US Navy), back in 1974, I did skeet shooting with a Remington Automatic 12 gauge, got 9 out of 10 my very first (and only) time shooting.

Is buying your first gun similar to getting your first motorcycle?

You wouldn't want a Harley Hog as your first bike would you?

Thanks for your patience from this hunting wanna be

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First Gun Suggestions please

What do you plan on hunting with it? Deer, elk, moose, rabits, squirells, ducks? Guns are sort of like a tool box, you pick the tool for the job you're doing (think I heard that in a movie).

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Id say that the best all around load is a .308. Its har dhitting and acurate to really long distances. A good gun is either a Weatherby Vanguard or Mark V or a Remington 700. If youre looking for something a little less expensive, get a Remington 770. Its like the economy version of the 700. A Winchester Model 64 or 70 is also really good. But you can kill anything up to black bear cleanly with a .308 (i prefer 180 grain soft point, Winchester Super X). You could take down an Elk but itd be hard. Good Luck! If you want a shotgun get a Remington 870 Express Magnum in 20 gauge. Trust me, if you shoot big game loads you'll be glad you got a 20.

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First Gun Suggestions please

If your new to shooting lick I read this my thoughts would be that you go out and buy a good fitting 22 and run 4000 or 5000 rounds just like if you would of started as a kid. That would be so you would know that you like to shoot and that is the only way that a person gets good is shoot, shoot, and shoot.

Now you can go out and get a hunting cal gun for the big game, and also no gun is a bad buy as long as it gets to shoot something whether it be targets or big&small game. Just get a gun and go to SHOOTING... Yes

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