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First deer of the year... and I can't find it!!!

First deer with the new bow. In the stand for about an hour this morning, this nice 6 pointer walks up to me form the backside of my stand. I get ready, nice and steady and bam!! Nail him just behind the shoulder from about 25-30 yards. So I wait about 30 minutes, get down and go and get my 8year old. We find where I shot him, found the arrow. Clean shot I believe. Arrow has hair on it...found the blood trail and we followed it for damn near 200 yards through the thickest brush possible. Then all of a sudden no tracks, no blood!!!! Looked all around for more blood, nothing. Finally I had to pull out due to a meeting at 1:30 I have. Gonna try to recruit a few people and go back in this afternoon and find it. Any tips from any one?? I got to find this deer, lost the first one last year, and it's starting to look like I lost the one this year, I'm so pissed!! It's supposed to get up to 83 degrees today too, hope it's not too late. Here are a couple pics of the blood trail.

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First deer of the year... and I can't find it!!!

I cant tell well with the pictures but that doesnt look much like a lung shot to me. At anyrate, only thing you can do is go to where i hope you marked the trail and zig zag slowly walk a few paces, scan from your feet out to horizon untill you pick it up and if you dont find from there do same thing but in half circles out. I have picked up a single drop of blood the head of a pin on a cotton wood leave this way by eye. Dont let anyone trample the trail either, a "V" formation with you upfront to side of trail is how we do it to preserve everything best as possible when in a group..

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First deer of the year... and I can't find it!!!

Welcome to BGH, jenkcoast

I agree with Romey, no lung shot. Heart mabe. He may be bleeding inside. Blood doesn't appear to be spraying but rather dropping and is dark red and not foamy.
It is not hard to walk right past one in heavy brush.
He may very well have circled back to where he was shot at. Start back at point of impact and make circles that gradually get larger until you either pick up more blood or find him. Good Luck and let us know when you find him.

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First deer of the year... and I can't find it!!!

Man...I hate to hear about anyone losing a deer. Unfortunately your story and pictures are all too familiar. I agree with the earlier posts. Small circles around the last blood spot are effective. Mark your last spot very well and gradually work circles around the spot, going over the ground with a fine tooth comb. Another effective method (for future reference)....squat down on your knees at the last spot of blood and look up at the direction the deer was headed. This gives you the deer's perspective. What we see standing straight up is much different than what a deer sees from their vantage point. Think like the deer. They often choose the path of least resistance, especially when stressed. Hope this helps you recover the next one.

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