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First DARNE VHS 410 Mag

Hello everybody!!
Happy new year!
I'm French and I live at Saumur (wines ans horses....!!!!!!!) near Nantes, Tours and Angers in the Loire Valley (les châteaux de la Loire...)

Hervé Bruchet, manager of Darne Etablishment at Saint-Etienne in France made for me the first Darne VHS 410 Mag and this gun is going to be sent in USA for being engraved by Geoffroy GOURNET.
You can see photos of this gun at the link : http://sebastiengirard.creezvotrealbum.com/#album=1&photo=2
What dou tou think of this gun?????
Give me your point of vue
See you
VHS 410

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First DARNE VHS 410 Mag

Welcome to BGH!

Very nice looking gun! I wasn't aware that Darne was even still making guns. What is the butt pad made from? Almost looks like marble or some type of horn. The last Darn I saw was at a gun show in Rickreal, Ore about 25 yrs ago. A lady brought it in wanting to know what it was.

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First DARNE VHS 410 Mag


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First DARNE VHS 410 Mag

That's pretty sweet looking. What can you hunt with it in France?