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That link works fine...check

That link works fine...check out the pics...hopefully I'll be adding pics to it every couple of weeks as we shoot more of those critters...Good hunting to you buddy...You've had a good year so far, any more tags for you?


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CVC, for the link and thanks Ecu for the cool gallery! I'd darn sure be hunting hogs if we had em here in huntable numbers. I remember years back when I was a kid in the Navy stationed in Hawaii a civilian contractor who worked at my command also hunted problem hogs for the state. In addition to just hunting em cuz he loved it. Always remember him telling me how dangerous they are and in that thick jungle the close encounters he had. I think he said he even killed em with a spear in addition to bow and rifle/shotgun and trapping em. He had tons of pics he'd bring and show us.

Regarding tags, I've got a late season doe antelope tag for this coming weekend. Finally getting a day or two off from work so I'll be able to hit on Saturday. Thing is the goats, even the does, are highly spooky after Octobers blast fest and hard to get close to and stay in big herds this time of year (more eyes to spot you with). I've seen em run when your in your vehicle from two miles out this time of year. So, it should be fun and challenging and if'n I do get one early enough the rest of the day will be playing games with mr. Wiley  Coyote and Senor bobcat. Should be a fun day hopefully with some good action. I'll post up pics if'n I get anything.

And, I'll keep checking out the hog gallery!

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