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First Bull Hunt

I just had the most exciting hunt of my life but came away empty handed.

I was finally drawn for a archery bull tag after about 5 years of trying and pulled one for area 4A. During the third morning, we were tracking a bugling bull for a couple of hours and as I came up on a rise via an old loggers road, I was able to see the bottom of an elk about 90 yards in front of me coming out of the trees.

I crouched down behind a small bush (small!) and was looking at him through the branches. He was heading in my direction and I had hoped that he would veer off at a slight angle. I didn't have any place to go and couldn't move because he was looking right in my direction and again the bush was small.

If he had gone off in a slightly different direction I had about 3 or 4 good shooting lanes with a max yardage of about 20 and would have been able to draw as he approached. Unfortunately, he didn't veer off and he came directly at me.

With the wind at his back, he didn't get my scent until after approaching the other side of the bush. About 5 feet in front of me. At this point he stopped, crouched and stared at me for about 5 seconds. Then he swung 180 degrees and busted off in the opposite direction.

I was able to get up on my knees and draw but by the time I had a pin on him, he was about 40 yards away and there were about a dozen trees in between us.

As my friend approached, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. All I could say was "holy crap!".

By the way, he was a 6x7 or 7x7 (couldn't tell for sure on the one side).

What a trip! Got to do this again.

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First Bull Hunt

You can certainly have a great time without a harvest. Glad you experienced it. I sent you a PM.

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First Bull Hunt

My favorite and most interesting and re-memorable hunting experiences all seem to involve my "misses" and mishaps more so than the successes I've had.

Take for example, I was huddled under a bristle cone pine tree under my parka at the edge of an old lake bed. It had been raining, snowing, sleeting and hailing on me(the mountain) all morning. When all of a sudden the largest 7x I have ever seen in the wild comes bounding my way not at all impressed with me bugling so close to his harem. He was 25 yards away, pissed, snorting and very upset. And me and my gun was under a parka under a tree!@#$%^! Well at least I didn't have to get all bloody and messy and spend the next two days packing him out. Lucky me!

As apposed to....I was sneaking down this old logging road trying to sneak up on a herd bull that had been bugling when I came up on one of his 5x5 satellite bulls. So I shot him. ? ?

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