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first buck!!!

way to go an your first buck!!

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Thats small

Comon girl im 13 and my first buck was a 5 point canada 10 usa and i got it with a compound bow

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first buck!!!

Great job! Welcome to BGH!

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first buck!!!

The first buck is always a great acomplishment and adiction. You are doomed now to saving your holidays till the fall and hunting most of your free time away sad .
Congrats and welcome .
Fisher King

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first buck!!!

Nice first buck that buck is a lot bigger then my first buck. i bet u cant wait to get in the woods next season

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first buck!!!

You definately put him to sleep, look at that yawn on him....Congratulations!!

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first buck!!!
hunter777 wrote:
Great job, your dad looks proud. Sorry to say I didn't read the story...I like the pictures personally.
Looks like you scared that buck to death Big smile

Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh

Very nice job young lady! Enjoy nature and all her glorious wonders while you can!

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first buck!!!

Thanks for posting the article and pictures. It is always great to see people with their first buck. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your second. Congratulations!

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first buck!!!

Congrats on a nice buck! Bet your already gearing up for this year

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first buck!!!

Very nice! Bigger than the one i first shot.

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