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First Bear hunt coming up
bearfever wrote:
hunter777, dogo's do not have any pit in them. Here are the breeds introduced to create them.
t1) The Fighting Dog of Cordoba, to which was added blood from
2) the Pointer to give him a keen sense of smell which would be essential for the hunt.
3) The Boxer added vivacity and gentleness;
4) the Great Dane it's size;
5) the Bull Terrier, fearlessness;
6) the Bulldog gave it an ample chest and boldness;
7) the Irish Wolfhound brought it's instinct as a hunter of wild game;
8) the Dogue de Bordeaux contributed it's powerful jaws;
9) the Great Pyrenees it's white coat and
10) the Spanish Mastiff gave it's quota of power.

sounds like all they are missing is some plott or mt cur for some extra grit

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