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First Bear, First Bow Kill, First Day!

Finally got the pictures here. Took the bear to get checked in and they said it was 6 years old and 270# . Beautiful Chocolate / Cinnamon phase. The Taxidermist measured it at exactly 5 ft. I have to say it had to be one of the best hunting experiences in my life. The "buck fever " excitement mixed with the fear and adrenaline , plus waiting about 45 minutes for the perfect shot was incredible. Anyways, hope you enjoy the photos. Would love to see everyone elses kills this season. Still trying for my first elk. Not sure if i could fit that in the back of the Lexus! Might be time to get a pick up! Well hope everyone has a great season. Bear down....Elk and Deer to go, then another Long year until season comes again. Wish I could hunt everyday!
(If the pictures dont seem clear, just click on them and they somehow become clear when they blow up)

Cary Bear 1.jpg
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Cary Bear 2.jpg
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Cary Bear 4.jpg
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First Bear, First Bow Kill, First Day!

Thumbs up Good Job!

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First Bear, First Bow Kill, First Day!

BBD, Great job! Thumbs up I love your hunting rig, not to many bear riding around in a Lexus. Yes Thanks for the photos and story.

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First Bear, First Bow Kill, First Day!

That's a beautiful bear, congrats!

Best of luck with the antlers!


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First Bear, First Bow Kill, First Day!

very nice bear congrats, and congrats on your first bow kill as well Thumbs up

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