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. Beckford Good questions. I


Good questions. I camped in radium swa a couple yrs ago 3rd season. Way too many hunters and atvs for my taste. However did find a closed forest service a short distance south of the  gore pass summit (spur off FS Rd 212 I think) and was able to get among some elk...next to last day unfortunetly.

This reminds me of the highlight of that hunt. Saw a DOW horse trailer when i started up the trail that morning. Did not get back until way after dark. Pitch black. Then a flashlight in my face blinding me. Holding the flashlight is a sweet young blonde maybe 24 ...in chaps...with a DOW badge wanting to check my license and tag! She apologized profusely for blinding me. Then I couldnt find my tags for her ... too many pockets in my pack. Finally found them with her graciously holding the light.  Was beginning to think she might have to breakout the handcuffs ;o)  Laughed the whole way back to camp! She was polite and professional. .. a great ambassador for dow.

 But i digress. Get yourself a dvd on deboning an elk and four or five good game bags and a $ 50 pack frame at gander mtn. Shoot an average cow. Debone the meat in the field with a good skinner and a flexible fillet knife.  This will cut the weight of the meat to be hauled out to around 200 lbs over four or five trips.  Stay within a mile or two of road and you should be fine. Just be sure gps batteries are fresh and have a compass for backup. Also pack with the assumption you may be in the woods overnight with really bad, wet, frigid, windy weather.  Don't pack for luxury -- just survival. 

Good luck!

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What'd you decide to do?  I'll be up there during 3rd season so if wanted to camp near a group we'll be there.  I've also put on a few miles so maybe could help you out for your 1st season tag if you wanted.  Let me know.

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