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First Alaska caribou hunt

We're planning a DIY caribou hunt into Alaska unit 26B North side of the Brooks range. One of our party has been in the Brooks range on the South side, but none of us has ever hunted Caribou before. Does anyone have any advice, any pictures of the type caribou in that area. I've read caribou are hard to field judge and there are differant subspecies depending on area. Any advice would be greatly appreceated.

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Hunting the South side of brooks range?

I am currently booked(September 2014 trip) to hunt the South Side of the brooks range about 1 hour west of Artic Village.  The trip is primarily a Moose trip, but we are offered a chance to hunt caribou as well. Did you have any conversations with locals or the guides about this topic?  Meaning are there caribou to hunt on the south side of the brooks range or is a waste of time and money?  I hope you had success on your trip.

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