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Fire/Burn area maps

Seems like I've seen a topic here before on this, but I can't find it.  

I am looking for a site that details the burned area from wildfires in Colorado.  (ie. the Trapper's Lake fire)  It is likely both of my hunts this year will be near burned areas and it'd just be nice to know where the boundaries are before I get there.


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here ya go

most of your current stuff is here:


But you'll have to contact the forest service for historical maps.  However, those are usually visiblie on Google Earth.  The Trappers Lake fire is pretty visible 20 years later

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Thanks.  I didn't find much

Thanks.  I didn't find much earlier and figured you'd give me that same answer.  I can see the Bobcat Gulch burn and the Trapper's burn on google earth, but thought it'd be worth asking.


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