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Firearms Industry Hails Victory in Supreme Court Second ...

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Firearms Industry Hails Victory in Supreme Court Second Amendment Case

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Firearms Industry Hails Victory in Supreme Court Second ...

Wow!! For those interested, click the link in the article and read the entire SC opinion. It is long (151 pages) but very insightful and informative.
I believe, with this ruling, there leaves little room for further challenges and/or bans involving the Second Amendment.

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Firearms Industry Hails Victory in Supreme Court Second ...

I've had some time to read this more and unfortunately I don't think second amendment fights are going away. While its great (and I'm very thankful) that the court has clearly said the second amendment is an individual right, they have left the door open to "reasonable restriction". There will be many battles over this nuance.

Furthermore, rights are just one mode of attack for anti-gunners. Consider that D.C. actually has no shops to purchase a gun in its entire jurisdiction. Furthermore all local politicians in D.C. have vowed to fight any gun shop opening in their area. So if you can't buy a handgun out of D.C. (federal law) and there is no gun shop to purchase from in D.C. you are practically banned from legally owning a handgun.

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Firearms Industry Hails Victory in Supreme Court Second ...

It should also be noted that the Chicago Tribune stated that, in light of the Supreme Court ruling our founding fathers should have had better editors to prevent them from determining the 2nd ammendment is an individual right. They also went on to state that the 2nd ammendment should be abolished.

That's where we need to be careful. Voting for politicians that want to abolish the 2nd ammendment is where the trouble could come from. There are also the problems with the bans on lead and bullet serialization along with what has already been said about regulating gun dealers out of business.

While the ruling is monumental, the fight is far from over.

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