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finding sheds

i've never been good at finding sheds and i'd like to find some, i know that some people are really good at it so does anyone have any advice i mostly hunt the coast range and thats where my scouting usually is done.. like where do i look, whens a good time to go?

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finding sheds

I dont know if there is a tried and true method besides time in the field. The best time that I have found is after a rain or after a nice dew as this will make the drops glisten and sticks and what not will not usually shine

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finding sheds

After a good rain or duning one is good...horns tend to shine a little...now is the time to be out looking. Dont over work your legs do some glassing. helps train tyour eyes to pick up antlers during season also. Southern exposure is always good in areas with snow. South facing slopes tend to thaw first and game will feed there. As well as the brushy pockets on these slopes. Bedding and feeding areas are good. as well as transition ranges primary trails usually reveal some bone but you have to remember big bucks and bulls usually use secondary trails...thats where I tend to find the big ones.

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finding sheds

I take me dog along, she finds more then I do. She even find the whole head, not just the shed....there was 2-3 verabere laying next to this too.


was found last day of quail season. Me dog has found a couple nice elk sheds also.

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