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Finding a Butcher in New Brunswick

I just wanted to get a general feel to see if other hunters had difficulty finding a certified butcher that would take care of your deer. It seems that this is a dying breed and most commercial butchers will not cut deer meat if they are processing beef and pork for example citing inspection concerns etc.

I finally did find a butcher but his cost was about 15 cents per pound more than two years ago when i last got a deer. I guess supply and demand allows him to increase the processing costs.

Have any of you run into similar problems?

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Finding a Butcher in New Brunswick

here on the miramichi we all take our deer and moose to a commercial butcher. they been here for years and do a great job proceesing the meat. i think its around 40 or 45 cents a lb for cut,wrap and storage so not bad...usually get an averagr size moose cut for around $200 good luck Thumbs up

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