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The Financial Times on Soros


I'd say Dems work for their money and Republicans wait for welfare. Corprate welfare. Games up. No more free money. Get a job.

You allmost got it Civet. it goes like this. The dems work very hard to get their hands on the money of others so they can give it away on welfare. The only free money appeares to be ours and I have a job thanks. Get a life or better yet an education in life. It's easy, pull your head of out your Marx and look around.

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The Financial Times on Soros

Fact check is considered a totaly credible source by most

I think his larger donations came in the beginning, I was only paying attention to the money coming in when it became a money race towards the end.

OK, I provided a totaly reputable source. (I was off by 3% but close enough I'd say)

Now is it OK if I ask for a link for a reputable nonpartisan source. I see a lot of bull hooie go by. People accept outright whoppers as the truth then repeat them. Remeber ACORN that wasn't even in the stimulous bill?

Where's the link to these supposed foreign donations? and please no reference to Hitler youth groups, or FOX news.

Speaking of which, I've moved. The three English channels used to be MSNBC, BBC, and CNN. All not very good. The Asian editions kind of basic. Now I'm in a country that has had some 20 military coups in the past 35 odd years, home of one of our infamous black sites, big on the list of extrajudicial police murders. Only Fox News here.

Reminds me of back in the pre internet day when people would read the peoples daily in China as an exercise in how to read between the lines. There are sometimes some truths there, impossible to avoid, it's just a question of how to properly distort them. They had Oboma's speach to the Dem caucus on live. Full speach. Then absolutely no commentary for hours. Was as if he hadn't made the speach. Now the rebutal dribbles in. Like waiting for marching orders from the politbureau.

New York Times web site still blocked in China. Funny how dictatorships love Fox, hate NYT.

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The Financial Times on Soros


Some of the drool on that one actually dripped out of my monitor. Yuk!

I particularly like the part where you complain about censorship while announcing your edict banning Fox news from conversation.

Hey, Weisenheimer -- putting limits on what sources of information people have access to is a favorite tool of dictators. Bash

Congrats on the move. Did you demonstrate enough political purity at the Pathet Lao indoctrination camp that they hired on as part of the staff?

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The Financial Times on Soros

I've been watching a lot of Fox over the past 3 days, it's the only English language news on TV. At least no commercials here. You are welcome to watch and read Fox unews all you'd like, just don't use it as a source. It's not believable. Many simple statements I see on the shows are demonstrably untrue. Bunch of liars.

Before I'd only watched youtube clips, the real thing is worse. It's extremely difficult to watch one piece and say to myself "that is straight news?" Every story has an "Obama is destroying the country" angle. News as entertainment can be pretty sick from either side, like Steven Colbert, but at least Colbert is supposed to be entertainment, he doesn't pretend that everything he does is true.

I recognise some people like Paul Gigot the Editor of the Opinion page at the Wall Street Joural or the Editor of the National Review, but the opinionhaters posing as news casters is kind of sick. Supposed spokespeople for the other side are hidden foils to elecit certain responses. No wonder people turn away from the party of hate.

In contrast I flip over to the English language channel of the Chinese Broadcasting System and it looks much more professional. They mostly only have business news. Pretty bad when a US channel makes the Chinese look good.