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Thanks to all for the kind

Thanks to all for the kind words. It has been a great year so far and time will tell how the rest of the year plays out with 2 hunts still to go. Good luck to all who still have hunts upcoming.

Striker, We will be hunting east of McCall and we will be in the Frank Church Wilderness. They have been getting hammered with snow (over 2 feet already) so they had to move camp down from the high country into the river valley. Critters have also moved down even the elk with that much snow. I do not mind the snow but 2 plus feet makes walking pretty hard. Have 2 wolf tags so hope to bust at least one but two would be fantastic. Also have a lion tag and a buck tag so I am sure it will be a great hunt. Leave in 23 days and sure hope to have some great photos and a story or two to tell once we get back..

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Great Hunt

Wow that sounds like an awesome hunt. Late november deer, lots of big game transitioning from high country to low, everything will be moving. You should see a lot of game which will increase your chances of finding a wolf. I've never shot one but hope to some day. I little pay pack for some messed up elk hunts. I'm assuming you have some one lined up who has dogs for your lion hunt. There's some big bucks in that country too. Wow. I'm jealous. Good luck.

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