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I rolled into Castle Rock

I rolled into Castle Rock Colorado yesterday evening and stopped at the new Cabelas up to pick up my tag. So it's official that that is bring a hole in my pocket. The drive west of Topeka on 70 to where I finally turned off was tough. 450 miles of desolate farm land. It's hard to contemplate why someone would live there. It's funny though, I have all but forgotten about the drive at the sight of the foothills outside my door at the moment. I am looking forward to a couple days to wet a flyline the it's off to the wilderness.

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I'm back....

Despite my $600 tag soup, my first elk trip was invaluable. I packed in 9-10 days worth of food and gear for my wilderness hunt. It took us a couple of days to get a lay of the land and even find a few elk. Unfortunately when we got a plan together to go after them, a local outfitter had already pushed them completely out of the area with their horse hunters. By the 7th evening the rain moved past annoying to potentially hazardous and nothing could be dried out. At that point we decided to call the trip early by a day and head out.

Lesson 1, don't wait a day to come up with a plan, just go.

Lesson 2, I won't do another backpack style hunt without horses or do a drop/ truck camp instead. With a serious threat of rain, being stuck in a small tent is no fun.

Lesson 3, Boots, boots, boots. Don't skimp here. I spent nearly 300.00 on meindels and they never got went inside. Hiking shoes, midheight boots are useless for the hunting we encountered.

Lesson 4. Rain gear, better have some and expect it to last just one elk season. Cabelas spacerain, jacket worked great. Pants were shredded by the end of the week.

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Any Pic's

Show us your adventure and glad you were positive about it! Sometimes it is better to fight through all the hazards and imperfections, because of what you said. You learned a great deal.

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Here are a couple of pictures

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip.

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Glad you had a good hunt even though you were unsuccessful. The more experience a person gets the better they get at something. Weather difinetly hurt my hunt last weekend but I did learn some new areas and some habits of the elk in the area.

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