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Well after 4 months of big game hunting...bow season and the late season in Decemeber with Keagan I was able to get into some elk. Do not get me wrong I was in the elk durning bow season....just did not get a good angle for a clean kill.

Saturday went up and saw 6 elk(5 cows and a spike). They were on a far hillside so I decided to make a move for them ..I got to 500 yds and could not get much closer or else I would sppok them. I sat and watched them for a bit and after a while.... as if they did not need any more to eat they just went up and over the ridge and dissapeared. I went over to where they were to see if I could see where they went......down and into the deep dark timber. So that afternoon on the way home all I could think about how I could get closer to that ridge and stay undetected.

Sunday I got up real early so I could walk in the darkness and move without being seen as well. I got up there and as soon as I could see the rigde there they were the same six elk......all bedded down....yes!!! I walked along an adjacent hillside as to not been seen. I came to where I wanted to head over and when I crested the hill...I noticed the elk were still there and feeding. I moved to a nice rock formation and put the rangefinder on them and they were 415 yads away...still a ways out there. I decided to work my way down the hill thru the trees to a burn area to get a little closer. Found a real nice rest and now the elk are 305 yds...much better!! Sat there for 20 minutes or so watching the elk. I finally picked out one that would present the best angle for a shot. Watched her for another 10 minutes or so..she started to work her way back to the rest of the herd...now she is 355 yds...now or never! BOOM!!!!

I musy say the .338 WM with 225 gran Accubonds did their job........thru the front should and out the other side!!

Thanks has to go out to Hoot for filling me and Gander in on this area!! Thanks BUD!!

Thanks also has to go out to SYDEESUE ans Sis for coming up and helping me get her out....shot her at 8am and we did not get all done until 5:30pm.....thanks a bunch...whata family adventure!!

Oh yeah by the way she was banded!!!!!!!

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Congrats! Looks like you've filled your freezer very nicely! Big smile

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Way to go Goose! You stretched out your season very nicely, then topped it off with a great harvest. Thumbs up

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Looks like a monster of an elk! Maybe they are bigger in CO. Congrats!

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Thats one big critter! Congrats. Thumbs up

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Congrats, Goosehunter. Thumbs up

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That's a nice cow. Congratulations!

Where were you hunting? Looks like the snow wasn't too deep. I'd be interested in knowing what you think of the meat--the only late season elk I ever took turned out to be pretty tough. It was a cow that had lived in deep snow and negative temps for a couple of months.

What did the ear tag say--was it Colorado DOW or some other state?

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Excuse my ignorance, but what does the tag mean?

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Nice job!
I know you have been after an elk for a while now and have tried hard to do everything the right way. Looks like a nice big cow! Congratulations!
That is a good shot at that distance .

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