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Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Pack Review

February 2009 Product Review

Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Pack Review

Let's face it - today's hunters carry more "stuff." From binoculars to spotting scopes, rangefinders to GPSs, extra clothes, food and drink, and calls for every occasion. In order to keep all this gear organized and still easily accessible, every hunter needs a good backpack. While some of us can get everything we need into just a small daypack, others of us need something with a little more storage room. If you're like me and fit into the latter category, then you may want to give Fieldline's Glenwood Canyon internal frame backpack a look. Read more...

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I own this pack...

I purchased this pack last year at the last mintue because i needed more space then what i had. It's not a bad pack but the zipper broke on the side pocket the first hunting trip. Also there's only 1 large comparment, 2 side pouches and one in the middle. I'd rather have a pack with more pockets.

I'm 6'2'' 200lbs with an average build and the pack seem to ride very high. The waste strap seem to be halfway up my stomach after 100yards of walking.

For how cheap it is it's not bad for a season or two but it's definetly worth it to throw in the extra cash for a higher quality pack that will last a few more hunting trips...

This will be the last season i use the pack for sure.

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Re: Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Pack Review

I bought an earlier model of this backpack in 2004 or 2005 and its worked well enough that I regularly take it on multi-night backpacking trips. I haven't been able to bring myself to buy an expensive new one until this one completely gives out. The top pocket has a sizable rip where it's come unsewn (I tried to fix it myself but without much success), so I keep a en extra ballcap or pillow in it (light-weight so it doesn't flop and too big too fall through the rip). Additionally, though short I have a thick torso and the buddy-lock water bottle sits on top of my shoulder rather than in front of my chest. For the price, though, it has done a great job of carrying all the gear I need for miles and days at a time. I have to get creative about how I attach my tent and tools but it works well for a $30 pack from Wal-Mart.

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Re: Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Pack Review

I bought this pack a couple of years ago at Wally World for about $20. One of the better value purchases I've made. It is big enough to pack insulated bibs, jacket and a tree stand safety harness in it with some snacks, calls and a full water bladder with no problem. The zipper that runs vertically along the front even allows you to access stuff on the bottom of the pack without having to dig all the way down from the top. The only thing I don't like about it is that the opening for the two side pockets are flush with the pack, so if the main compartment is stuffed full, it makes getting anything in or out of the pockets difficult and putting something like a spotting scope in one of the pockets impossible.

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