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I have seen ground shrinkage

I have seen ground shrinkage and I have also seen ground "growage"!

I have been fortunate enough to take some DECENT bucks - I say decent because I have never taken a giant one before... I have never topped 125" in spite of the fact that most of my buddies have.

I do have fairly good "trigger control" too... I usually wait a good one out.

 I have been disappointed a few times with bucks that I have shot but I have been absolutely delighted more times than I have been disappointed - it seems the longer I have hunted and the more control I have exercised, I find myself not shooting some of the smaller bucks and when I do shoot one and get over there to look at him... I often find he exceeds my original estimation.

Thus.... ground growage.

That is a new term I have coined and I am going to take the credit for it!

Having said that, the next time you harvest a buck that is bigger than you thought it was - make sure you tell your friends that it had some good old "South Carolina Ground Growage" to him.

That is, surely, better than ground shrinkage.  

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better than shrinkage

Jim is right.  Ground "growage" is surely better than shrinkage!  I jsut never had a word for it before, lol

I too have seen both.  It sually involves a buck with spike antlers.  I haev shot a "doe" that ended up being a spike.  And I have shot a "nice rack" that ended up being a spike moving through dead pine branches.

As long as its a legal deer I am not disappointed by ground shrinkage, or especially by ground growage!


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So far ground shrinkage has

So far ground shrinkage has not been a problem as I only rate bucks as small nedium and large. If it looks big for me it is and I don't worry about score or extra points. We hunt public land that gets hit pretty hard so we are happy with whatever we are able to get, especially my kids. We had a joke about the requirements for the family record book. As long as it forks on at least one side it does make the book and it's good to go.lol

the only time I have been dissappointed is with antelope to walk up and find out that the cutters were broken off. I still need to learn to take a little more time to be sure with those.

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