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Field Dressing and Butchering

This is my first season turkey hunting and I have a question. I'm wondering what to do after the kill (if I'm that lucky). I know they are many different ways but I'm open to all suggestions


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Field Dressing and Butchering

Well in simple terms, I pull all the insides out through the rear, cut at the bottom of the neck to empty a pouch like area they store crap in there before it goes down to the gut.
When I get home, I pull any feathers I might want to keep or give to the neighborhood kids. Cut the head and lower legs off, and then I pour water I boiled on the stove over it and the feathers practically fall out. You can basically wipe them off the skin with your hands after the hot water. I do that to leave the skin on, like it would be if you bought it at a store.
Then cook that puppy for the best Turkey you will ever have!

Should look something like this my friend Bill is holding in pic afterwards in attachment I'll try.
Good Luck.

bill with turkey cleaned2.jpg
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Field Dressing and Butchering

1) pull the beard out. 2) make a slit down the front in the center 3) pull the breast out 4) enjoy

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