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I think that I will put her in for the Muzzy cow. COMEATHUNTER, does this still qualify for the late season cow, if she is unsucessful?

I am also looking at putting my second daughter through hunters safety, so that I can start getting her points. I am planning on the online course. There is a online field day on March 30. Can she apply right away, or does it take some time to get the card and be in the system?

Also, I am looking to stay local, at least for hunting with my kids. I am looking at the Bookcliffs, Grand Mesa and Uncompahgre areas? I would appreciate any info on which of these areas would be best to take my daughter? My wife is a marithon runner and my daughter has inherited some of her stamina. So, we will be able to get off the trails. I am most interested in seeing elk and will be looking more to helping my daughter have a good experience, than finding bulls for myself. Which of these areas has the best early and late season opportunity?

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Units around GJ

The units around Grand Junction all have decent elk hunting. Unit 30 is pretty tough terrain and alot of steep and deep. Unit 31 has a little easier terrain, but you have alot more private to deal with. Unit 21 has a mix of steep and deep with some decent and moderate terrain (also you have the youth late season running into the middle of January).

The Grand Mesa units vary from all types of terrains and a few more hunters then the Bookcliff units. Most of my knowledge on the Mesa is the west and south west side and consist of alot of walking to get into areas.

The Uncompahgre (unit 62 and 61) is a zoo especially when it comes to the rifle seasons on the 62 side. It has very easy access to most areas and is very tough to get away from people due to the moderate terrain.


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Yes, muzzy cow tags are still

Yes, muzzy cow tags are still valid for late seasons for youth.  At least they have been and I assume they will be again this year.


The online hunter's safety classes are a good way to go.  My son did an online class for his safety class.  Much easier to work out a single weekend to get the class completed than every night for a week or multiple weekends.  Plus we could redo the lessons if we wanted to...but we didn't want to.

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