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A few items for sale in South Carolina

Starting at the top

30" remington 870 wingmaster 2 3/4" smooth bore barrel, some wear and tear through the years $110

Ruger 10/22 barrel/stock combo ONLY, barrel has a small splotch of bad bluing (maybe from oil??) $ 60 TYD

NEW Custom camo (by me) factory Remington SA ADL stock $50 TYD
NEW Factory Remington 700 SA ADL stock $50 TYD

USED factory Savage 110 LA stock, some minor scratches but nothing tragic. $30 TYD

Trades, I WILL ONLY accept trades or trades with cash for a NEW UNFIRED Savage 110 SMALL SHANK barrel in 30-06, stainless or not it doesn't matter as I will be painting it anyway but would preferably have it free of dents and dings.