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Feral Hog Hunting Inquiry

Your task, should you accept, is to help one determine how best to stock up.  You see, I've been mulling over some thoughts on my hunting preferences here lately and thought I'd hit the boards to see what others were thinking (and using) as well.

There are many species that I love to hunt, but I want to keep each discussion very focused and very specific.  For the purpose of this discussion, my interests here are focused on FERAL HOG.

Now here's the meat of my inquiry....  you are to identify the following that you would use:

1) What rifle would you use?

2) What bow would you use?


I have my thoughts but will chime in later after I see what some of y'alls is!  I'll let this discussion run for a while and then compile the responses (along with responses that I receive from other inquiries) and post them up on my blog (and here of course!!!).



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Any caliber from 7mm and up

Any caliber from 7mm and up with a premium bullet.

I wouldn't hunt them with a bow on a regular basis. It can be done but I wouldn't like to track a wounded hog with a bow.

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I would use a 30-06 for

I would use a 30-06 for pretty much all western big game, including hogs.

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