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The 3 S's

Since we get so many dump off's and we live 60 miles from our country animal control and our nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away. We pratice the 3 S's

(1) Shoot it

(2) Shovel

(3) Shut up

 Calling animal contol is a waste of time, as it may take them half a day to get out here.

If the animal has a collar, it gets a walk. I became aware of the 3 S's after a dumped off pitbull came after me and I had to shoot it. I called my neighbor a long time resident and asked what should I do. He said the 3 S's

It's sad and I don't understand why owners that want to get rid of an animal, don't drop it off at animal control. Driving out here is just as far, maybe further, and then I have to deal with their problem.

As it is now I'm dealing with that feral cat bit.

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Welcome to BGH Gina1.

Sorry to hear about your nasty cat bite. Hope all turns out well.

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