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speaking from my own experience

I have seen pronghorns jump fences, but only on rare occations.  I have found that where I hunt, they have crossing spots in most fencelines.  I have watched them walk over a quarter of a mile to find one of these crossings.  once they are through the fence, they will go on in the same direction as they were generally going.  If they are frightened, I have seen them run right through the fence without slowing down, breaking the wire from the nearest posts.  Walk any fenceline where pronghorns are abundant and you can find these crossing points easily.  I was amazed when I realized it.

I have found a good place to set up for prongies is at or near these crossing points.  It makes a funnel where the animals slow, giving the hunter a better chance to target his trophy.

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I have seen one antelope jump

I have seen one antelope jump a fence. It was a buck coming off of private land in WY. All the others have crawled under or just walked along it forever... probably looking for a good place to crawl under.

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