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Fellow gun owner needs our help

Pizza Hut delivery man James Spiers thought he was making a routine delivery. However, he was wakling into an ambush. As Spiers approached, an armed man sprang at him with a gun, but Spiers (a concealed carry permit holder) was no easy target. Police say Spiers struggled hard with the assailant until he was able to produce his handgun. "It was a long ordeal...my life was, without a doubt, in danger," Spiers recalls.

Spiers shot the suspect 3 times. The suspect fled and was arrested at the hospital. Pizza Hut summarily fired Spiers (a 10 year employee) citing a corporate policy forbidding employees from carrying firearms.

To voice your displeasure, call Pizza Hut Corporate Offices at (800) 948-8488 or visit http://www.pizzahut.com/contactus.ContactUsForm.aspx?l1=2024.

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Fellow gun owner needs our help

I once worked night shift alone at a convenience store. The rules were to cooperate fully if robbed, and to wait until they left to hit the silent alarm because otherwise the cops might show up outside while the guy's in the store with you and turn you into a hostage.

What a bunch of garbage. I won't go into foreign policy metaphors, but all an appeasement policy like this does is put more employees at risk by making it public knowledge that robbing them is easy and low threat. It just puts a bulls-eye on them.

If PIzza Hut had pinned a medal on the guy's chest and embraced him as employee of the year, then criminals would be more likely to choose another franchise to victimize. Statistically, employees that don't get robbed in the first place get shot at a much lower rate than those who resist.

So despite the company's rhetoric about employee safety, it's not about protecting employees from robbers. It's about protecting the company from lawyers who'll steal a lot more.

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