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feeding statiions
blacktail hunter wrote:
In washington state it is LEGAL to bait deer, elk, cougar, coyotes ect. for now. Baiting bear is ILLEGAL. They are in the process trying to pass a law so you can not bait any animals what so ever, which will or will not pass around July 1, 2008. But... if you are baiting for any animal and a bear comes in and you hunt that bear, that is considered baiting even thought that bait may not be for the purpose of bear hunting.

Just my two cents.

On Pg. 65 of the 2007 pamphelt it states under Hunting Methods:
The use of hounds and/or bait to hunt black bear is prohibited.

While I don't bait for deer or elk, we need to make sure that this stays legal. If it becomes illegal we will never get bear baiting back.

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