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Federal Laws Regarding Convicted Felons

I'm just curious if anyone is familiar with federal laws regarding convicted felons and bowhunting. Are convicted felons legally able to own bows and hunt with them? Or can anyone give me an idea as to where I might go about finding out.

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Federal Laws Regarding Convicted Felons

Unless the felony was a hunting or game violation there is no reason the person would be restricted from bow hunting or owning a bow.Every state has thier own laws regarding felons and firearm ownership,in my home state of Montana once the person has served thier time or probation thier firearm ownership rights are automaticlly restored,the only acceptions are those convicted of violent crimes or crime involving the use of a firearm.As far as bowhunting goes there are no restrictions for bow ownership for felons,unless of course you killed someone with a bow...LOL

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