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federal fusion 300 win mag

Has anyone had tried shooting 400 yards with Federal Fusion 180 gr for the 300 win mag. I was fairly pleased with the groups it gave at 100 yards. Im hoping I have found a more affordable hunting round. Now what im asking is if anyone has shot targets at that distance or if they have killed anything that far out with this round.

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Federal Fusion

I will be trying the Federal Fusion, as well as various other loads/manufacturers when I get my new to me Model 70 .300 Win Mag back from my Gunsmith.

I just got it last week and have to have a scope mounted on it as well as a recoil pad installed. My intention is to try various hunting loads to see what the rifle shoots best and then go from there. I want to select one "primary" load and two alternates just in case. That will take me most of the summer.

I have found that even if we both have the same rifle, model number, length of barrel, rate of twist, etc, etc, one rifle may like a different load than the other. It's sort of like twins, one may be a angel and the other may be the devil in disguise. Each rifle is an individual and it's up to us to select the ammo that particular rifle favors.

As to the bullets effectiveness on game, what game? Various bullets work on different game animals at different distances differently. That's why it is up to us to select the proper bullet and load combination for our given situation as not all situations are equal.