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For 18 years my favorite rifle was/is my Rem 760 chambered in 308. Recently, my Rem 700BDL in 270 is quickly approaching favorite status. I also love to hunt with my in-line TC 50 cal. blackpowder. I can't tell if its the rifle or the early muzzleloader season that gets me so excited.

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I use a 270 for deer & black bear. I shot a friends 300 mag & really liked it. If I ever draw out for an elk (only about 20 a year state wide) I'll get an a-bolt in 300 WSM

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My Fav. Big Game Rifle is the 338 Win Mag. I have one in a Weatherby and it's a shooter. And I love to talk about shooting and reloading I've started a site for all to join in on and it's alot better when it's all about injoying the sport and having fun at the same time.http://groups.msn.com/HuntersShooters So feel free to post and get to meet new friends Too!

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My favorite (of course) is the 7mm Remington Magnum. Mainly for the fact that it is extremely accurate and can handle all North American big game, as well as big game on other continents. A 150 grain bullet at 3300 fps and a 160 or 162 grain bullet at 3100+ fps, not to mention the big 175 grain bullet at 3000 fps (all in handloads), make this caliber an awesome choice. Factory ammo is almost always up to par as well.

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