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Favorite TV Hunting Show

I wish they would hunt different animals. I like Schokey the best all over and he is not kocky when he is hunting. I like the episode were he takes the old man deer hunting and he is always using his cell phone in the blind. When the old man desided he went far enough he stoped and said I can kill a deer here. Great epaisode.


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favorite hunting show

I like Shockey's show the best. The majority of the others show whitetail hunt 90% of the time. Not that whitetail hunting is boring, no way, its great. Its just that sometimes its hard to tell if their huntuning an enclosure or REAL deer. The shows with moose, bear, caribou etc. are most certainly in the wild. As for Barta...i watch it only out of morbid curiousity. He is certainly full of himself and that episode where he was launching arrows at forty plus yards was a joke. He was preaching at the beginning of the episode of having to get 15-20 yards of the animals but could not so he started launching silly shots. I think Nugents show is the worst in my opinion. I appreciate how much he stands up for hunting but just cant stand his ranting. I truly think the guy just likes to kill and most of the hunts i've seen him in have been pretty much in enclosures. Those are just some of my many opinions ...sorry if i offended anyone!

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