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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

Other than a 470 nitro...

What is your prefered rifle caliber for small game hunting?

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

.22 for the general all around bunnies, tree rats, frogs etc. Shorts for keeping the undesirables (cow birds, starlings) out of the bird feeders

222 for the chucks and occasional fox or yot at a distance.

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

if i aint hunting deer or moose you'll only catch me with a 22-250 in my hands Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

22mag for sure

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

Another vote for the 22 Mag Thumbs up

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

22 mag Thumbs up

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

I'm really starting to enjoy my .17 hmr. Really good up to 150 yard on sizes up to fox. A little small for coyote and up though. Really a fun caliber . My .223 is my workhorse though.

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

22 Mag Winchester lever has been my bunny gun predominantly for the past ten years although at times I use a Ruger Mark II 22 handgun. I bought a Marlin 17HMR bolt this year and will be testing it on the bunnies this upcoming bunny season although it will be quite a bit heavier to lug around then my Winchester or Ruger.

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Id'e have to go with the .22 LR Thumbs up

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

I give a hands up to 22mag although I dont have one. I have a semi auto .22lr that I love to shoot. The only thing i've ever killed with it was a small rabbit at about 15yds and it jumped and jumped around like the ground was a hot plate then expired. I need to do more small game killing with it because its a blast to shoot.

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Favorite Rifle Caliber Small Game

22lr for sure or a small shotgun 410 or 20

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