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Favorite predator call

When I lived in Greley I used to go northeast out of Evans a lot to shoot jacks. There were lot's of jacks and antelope out there then. Looked as tho it would have been a good place to hunt coyotes. Unfortunately I wasn't in to coyote's then. This is a new game for me.

Now I have a Scery howler and a wood closed reed rabbit call, a plastic open reed cottontail call and a electric call that I've about given up on.

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Favorite predator call

anyone get any yet

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Favorite predator call

Being new to the game I started on Thanksgiving and have dropped 3 so far. Lotsa Fun Big smile

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Favorite predator call

I started out back in 1990 with a Sceery Snowshoe Hare in Distress mouth call. Had a lot of success with that call and it still hangs around my neck when I go out. In '95 I bought a JS e-caller and my favourite tapes were Snowshoe Hare Distress and Flicker Distress. Used that caller up until last season and it was starting to wear out.....couldn't get clear sound anymore. This season I have a new JS Preymaster to play with.....but unfortunately they don't have a Snowshoe Hare Distress sound on any cards. But the "Jack Rabbit a la Vittles" sounds very similar....just can't get used to the sound only playing for 30 secs then having to press the button again.

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