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Edges & Breaks

When conditions are tough, I look for habitat with alot of edge and diversity, both in terms of topography and type of vegetation.  I'll not spend much time in monotypic habitat like expansive sage flats, large quakie, mahogany or other timber forests.   Instead I'll search out small pockets of mixed cover in & around these large habitat types.  Mule deer like the edges in vegetation types; these areas most often have the most and the best available forage while being close to security cover.

Topography is important too.  I'm looking for isolated draws, ridges and small basins - again small pockets of something different.  Realize also that small in terms of typical mule deer country might be be hundreds if not thousands of acres.  Daily movement for mule deer might be several miles between bedding and feeding areas daily.

Early mornings & late evenings are the time to spot & stalk these areas,  using midday to still hunt & scout for sign and pockets to be at early am or late pm. 

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Its Offically Confirmed!!!

Both my buddy & I drew the same, 1st choice either sex archery tag!! Oct 1st -21st, Nov 2nd - 30th, AND Dec 15th - 31st! Hunting fully camoed-out IN THE RUT!

Here we come desert dessert!!

Where even the birds of prey are hungry enough that they follow your truck along the fence line in the hopes that you are bound for misfortune and might leave your body to them for a nice fatty nutritious meal...or two!

And where you can see for 20 miles, and the road just disappeares out of sight long before the dry desert background fades!

Where the ancient waterholes have long since turned to a fine white powdery dust...

Where the truly "ol school" people called home oh so very long ago!!

I am super stoked! Now hope I can pick up that pronger list b doe archery tag so I can have an excuse to go down and hunt/scout for something in only [71] days, and not the [88] days till dove opener!


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at this point, our

at this point, our application period for muleys here starts wednesday and the drawing won't be out for a while.

i may be hunting muleys here in kansas.

i only have 3 whitetail tags so far but the drawing for muleys and elk isn't out here in kansas yet. i'll also hunt ohio for whitetail... but i'd rather be hunting muleys!!!

last year i had a good tag but the hunting was hard, the weather was super hot and dry, and i only had 3 days to hunt. so i passed on 2 forkhorns and a spike. saw one 3x4 and my cousin blew a stalk on it. i need to get out again, hopefully with better weather and circumstances.

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