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Favorite Farmland Crop

What farmland crop do you guys prefer to hunt when you hunt a food source?

It's been my experience that I have more deer come into bean fields. When I started out I always believed that the corn fields held more deer, but I believe now that they prefer the corn in the earlier stages.

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Favorite Farmland Crop

I think they feel more comfortable in the corn when it's still standing. Sometimes the problem is getting them to come out!

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Favorite Farmland Crop

i like them there bean fields as well

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Favorite Farmland Crop

The spot I've had the most success is a little clover/hay field with woods on all three sides. The property borders an immense farm that doesn't allow hunting and there's a creek between the field and the bedding area. Thumbs up

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Favorite Farmland Crop

Although I think that the deer like th corn better, better cover, and more food volume, I like soybeans, because they can't hide in it.

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Favorite Farmland Crop

Out here, where I live anyway, the best fields to hunt are the edges of alfalfa. The oat fields get murdered by elk.

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