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Favorite Camp Elk Dish ?

Since things are a little slow and season isnt here yet I thought I would stir up some action.

Do you have a favorite way of cooking freshly killed elk in camp? 

I like to get the tenderloins cut up about 1.5-2", roll them in a garlic influenced seasoning (my blend) and wrap them in bacon then drop them into a good hot cast iron skillet with a touch of bacon grease on the camp fire.  Medium rare at the most though I prefer rare.

I also like to take some of the mystery meat (neck cuts, or pcs that are left on the bones after removing the mucles) and make a nice flavorful stew... not the runny type that some make and taste like it was seasoned with a hand full of rocks, but one that has a stomach binding thick rue.

I have eaten the liver and heart but usually at home.  I have never tried the ribs other than deboning them, but I would like to season some up and throw a rack right on the cooking grate to see how they fare.

Other than plain burger, I prefer elk to beef.  Perhaps because I know the value of the effort it requires to obtain.


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My problem with elk camp

My problem with elk camp dishes is that I am usually too tired at the end of the day to really care what is in the pot, I just eat it and hit the hay. 

Last September during the Colorado ML elk season we took a beef roast and put it into the dutch oven along with carots, cellery, potato's, mushrooms, onions, and a few other vegies and burried it for the day.  When we returned after dark it was the best thing out there. 

Now for after the hunt I love elk ribs boiled in a tomato bbq sauce until the meat is ready or actually falling off of the bones.  Tenderloins or backstrap wrapped in bacon is another favorite that will get a lot of request for seconds.  Elk liver isn't bad but I prefer deer liver over it.  Now for the heart either boil and then fry it or make some spiced heart stew.  For this we use Snappy Hot V8 juice along with garlic, onions, potatos and what ever else you want to throw into the pot. 

But for at the camp I do like to keep it simple and easy.

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Completely agree... we are

Completely agree... we are simple chefs for the hunt which means make it at home, freeze and put it in the dutch oven on the tripod in the dark.  Sometimes we get lucky tho and tag out early and then its on for a celebatory meal of some sort (normally acompanied by a cold beer or two).

Its kind of a last deep breath of fresh mountain air for us flatlanders prior to the 30 hour trip home.


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I'll chime in here too.  Like

I'll chime in here too.  Like Critter, we don't usually do much cooking at camp.  We like to prepare our meals well ahead of time and freeze them in single serving vacuum packed bags.  We just pick out meal and boil it up for 10-15 minutes and voila, dinner is served.  

The hard part for us and cooking the fresh elk in camp is we don't bring much in the way of cooking pots/pans, seasoning, oil/butter, or fresh veggies to prepare a worthy dinner.  A gas burner, large pot to fill with water, and plastic/paper for dishes and utensils--just the basics for us usually.

When we get home and process the meat, now we're grilling tenderloins or butterflied backstraps.  We coat them with olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and pepper, and serving them rare with grilled kabobed onions, mushrooms and peppers and a red wine reduction sauce drizzled over the top.  mmmmmmmmmmmm, making me hungry just thinking about it.

Can't wait 'til September.  It's time to reload the freezer!

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backstrap k-bobs easy fast

backstrap k-bobs easy fast and amazing. 

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Fresh Elk

I will typically cook uo the inner tenderloins on the elk. Whether it's just pan fried with a little butter with breakfast or something special wrapped in bacon for dinner. We do the same with our muleys in camp.


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