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Favorite broadhead?

What kind of broadheads do you use when hunting, especially for big game like American buffalo?
Check out how Stan Handsard takes down the buffalo.


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I like Thunderheads. They have never failed me. Then again it's more about hitting the vitals then the broadhead. I don't always trust expandables to open up on impact.

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Toxic Broadhead?

Anyone every try the Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadhead? I can't find a lot of feedback on them but may go ahead and spend the $40 and buy a 3-pack. Right now I shoot the muzzy mx4 and they have never failed me.

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I use Carbon Express Mayhem

I use Carbon Express Mayhem EXT broadheads.  I have never taken anything with them, so I can't comment on their effectiveness, but I can say they fly very well.  I don't even both changing my sights when I put them on because they are that close to my field points for point of impact.  

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I like Montecs. If an Indian

I like Montecs. If an Indian can kill a buffalo with a string tied to a stick of willow with a sharpened rock on the end, it just proves that practice is what kills animals not the type of razor sharp broadhead from EVERY manufacture on the planet.

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Magnus 125 two blades

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